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Salesmaster Offering Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal Labels

Salesmaster offers various types of thermal transfer labels and ribbons, and direct thermal transfer labels in both stock and custom sizing options. Salesmaster has a competitive selection of thermal labels, assuring you the highest label printing performance for your applications.

Thermal Transfer Labels

Choose from our variety of thermal transfer labels, made only from the freshest materials. Our high quality selection provides you with crisp, clear printing and a durable label designed with a long shelf life, capable of withstanding ink for lengths of time.

Thermal transfer labels are printed using a thermal ribbon, which when heated, transfers ink to the label. Due to the nature of printing and longevity of thermal transfer labels, these labels are ideal in shipping, product identification, barcode applications, and part bins.

Salesmaster carries a range of thermal transfer labels including:

Rolls – 3? core
Rolls – Kimdura
Rolls – Polyester
Rolls – Color (Color code products and equipment for easy tracking and identification- all colors available.)
Rolls – Uncut/Contin.
Rolls – Wound In
Fanfolded Specialties

Salesmaster carries two types of thermal ribbons including:


Direct Thermal Labels

Salesmaster offers a variety of direct thermal labels, capable of all temperature applications including freezer applications. Quality direct thermal printing requires no ribbon in comparison to thermal transfer labels.

Direct thermal labels are printed using heat activated paper, therefore getting around the need for a thermal ribbon. Unlike thermal transfer labels, direct thermal labels are only available to print in black. Due to the shorter lifespan of these labels, and tendency to darken over time or with wear, these labels are more ideally used in the food industry, as food items have a shorter shelf cycle and are less likely to be stored in harsh environments.

Salesmaster carries a range of thermal transfer labels including:

Rolls – 1? Core
Rolls – 3? Core
Rolls – Mini Printer
Fanfolded Specialties

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