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STOROpack FOAMplus Mini System Features and Specifications

Foam-in-Place Packaging Made Easy and Affordable!

Salesmaster now offers the FOAMplus Mini System from Storopack. This lightweight void fill packaging system provides an affordable foam-in-place solution for users with low to medium packing volumes.

The FOAMplus Mini System is a complete stand-alone work station that dispenses foam into a bag. The system uses a convenient self-mixing chemical component pack that is placed inside the dispensing compartment. It requires very little space and can be placed on a work table and transported easily to different areas in your shipping department.
FOAMplus Mini System Features:

Minimal start-up cost
Designed for low to medium user
Protect all size and shapes of products
Four different bags available: small, medium, large and tube style
No chemical drums or solvents
Small footprint table top design
Uses standard 110v power
Optional service contract available


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