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PAPERplus Shooter Paper Void Fill Machine Eliminates Manual Paper Crumpling

PAPERplus Shooter Paper Void Fill Machine Saves you Money and Time!

Say goodbye to manual paper crumpling and folding! From Storopack, the PAPERplus Shooter paper packaging void system provides an economic, highly efficient design to increase production and save you money and time. This newly redesigned machine features an enhanced crimping feature, engineered to yield greater void filling layers from less paper.

The paper shooter fires the crumpled paper directly into the box at 306-576 fpm, making it the fastest, most economical method of void filling. The innovative crimping feature provides a bulkier paper void, allowing for more mass with less paper use. The packaging paper is dispensed from the center of the paper roll outward, providing a smooth, quick flow of paper through the machine.

Click here to see a video of the PAPERplus Shooter in action.

The hands free system is powered by a foot pedal, and the rotatable machine head and adjustable working height allow maximum ergonomic functionality. Automatic layered paper dispensing and cutting allows for increased productivity with less hardship on workers.

Available in floor or tabletop models to fit your specific packaging settings.

PAPERplus Shooter System Features:

Lightening fast automatic paper dispense
Efficient paper crimping for larger void filling layers
Automatic paper cutting
Specially designed paper roll dispensing box for quick, simple roll change
Rotating head
Adjustable height for ergonomic functionality
Tabletop and floor models

Salesmaster Offers:

Free demo machine-test the machine for yourself at no cost
No rental fees
No leasing fees
FREE Maintenance

Contact Salemaster today to set up your demo machine and start saving money and time today!

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