ISC offers packaging machinery and equipment from hand tools to large industrial packaging systems from the industry's leading manufacturers. Our experienced staff is available to help select the appropriate equipment for any application. ISC offers installation and maintenance and provides product for every packaging system we offer to keep your operation moving.



Hand Tools

Hand tools including tape dispensers and strech wrapping applicators.

Stretch Wrapping Systems & Machinery

Automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrappping systems including non-conveyor, conveyor style, turntable and rotary arm models.

Strapping Systems & Machinery

Strapping machines including automatic and semi-automatic pallet strappers, table, belt driven and side seal systems.

Shrink Wrapping Equipment

Shring wrapping equipment including portable sealers, "L" sealers, tunnel shrink wrap systems and rotary side seal shrink wrap systems.

Carton Sealing Machinery

PCarton sealing machines from the industry's leading manufacturer, designed for high speed packaging.

Air Pillow Systems

Air pillow packaging systems designed to act as an interior packaging cushion and provide a low cost, high efficiency void fill solution.

Paper Packing Systems

Paper packing and paper filling packaging systems designed to provide strong paper cushioning.

Other Machinery & Systems

Various packing and shipping machines including void fill, foam in place, loose-fill and moldable pads.

Maintenance & Service

On-site machine and equipment maintenance and service.