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Salesmaster announces partnership with Multi-Wall Corp. — Honeycomb packaging solutions now readily available throughout the Northeast

Fairless Hills PA, March 2012 — Salesmaster Corp., a supplier of packaging products and equipment throughout the Northeast, has partnered with Multi-Wall Corp., a provider of a variety of packaging design solutions. Salesmaster can now provide sales and service for the rugged and cost effective Honeycomb product line which is used for packaging, pallets, dunnage, furniture inner structures and signage displays.Honeycomb is a lightweight yet extremely strong and durable custom-engineered kraft paper material that is an economical solution for a broad range of packaging applications. As the Honeycomb agent in northeastern and mid-Atlantic US, Salesmaster offers the complete Honeycomb line including custom designed Honeycomb options for specialty packaging needs.

“Our customers now have access to Honeycomb packaging which is probably the strongest and most versatile kraft packaging material available,” said Tom Northrop, sales manager at Salesmaster. “Multi-Wall’s experience with Honeycomb lets us offer great options like die-cutting and fan-folding — basically we can customize Honeycomb to meet any request.” Northrop said the addition of Honeycomb packaging to Salesmaster’s line “opens up new markets for our customers which means new sales opportunities.” With the addition of Honeycomb packaging the Salesmaster product line is among the most comprehensive of any packaging products supplier in the eastern United States.

Honeycomb packaging is engineered for strength and ruggedness. Individual bands of kraft paper are joined together into a series of continuous hexagonal cells. The cells are faced on both sides with thick kraft creating an I-beam type of construction. The facing of the panel acts as the flange of the I-beam and the core cells as its web. The flange disperses tension and compression across the surface of the panel to neutralize forces and protect contents. The web holds the flanges together to maintain the strength and integrity of the material.

Moisture-resistant Honeycomb packaging is available in four basic styles: reverse slit score, cookie cut, die cut and pressure sensitive. Details of each style are described in a brochure available from Salesmaster. Additionally, Salesmaster can help packaging engineers develop innovative Honeycomb products designed to perform specific packaging functions such as cushioning or support.

This is accomplished by specialized cutting and folding of Honeycomb packaging which permits the creation of a wide range of stylized packaging formats. The process is used to make task-specific items like runners, corner supports, audio speaker trays and small structural pieces such as those used to add strength to furniture during shipping. Honeycomb is also available with pressure sensitive backing to create supports that stay in place. Stylized Honeycomb pieces are much easier to handle than bulk packaging materials which are cumbersome and may require cutting before installation whereas Honeycomb pre-engineered pieces fit into place quickly and easily.

In addition to Honeycomb packaging, the Salesmaster/Multi-Wall partnership also creates an immediate access channel to versatile single face corrugate and roll cradles. Single face corrugated paper is an economical protective packaging material used for both cushioning and wrapping applications. Manufactured from recycled corrugated material, single face is an environmentally friendly alternative to packaging films and foams. Single face is commonly used to wrap spooled material, as sheet glass separators, for glass and bottle wrap and as floor liner.

Roll cradles are ideal for protecting rolled goods from damage while in transit or storage. Durable and reusable, roll cradles are stackable and commonly used to ship textile rolls, rolled metals, roofing materials and sheet plastic rolls. As with all Salesmaster products, roll cradles are available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate varying needs.

Salesmaster/Multi-Wall products are recyclable and biodegradable to support green initiatives. Additionally the material is approved by organizations such as the Food and Drug Administration, US Postal Service, Department of Defense and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Salesmaster’s experienced personnel can assist in selecting the appropriate packaging solutions to fit your business needs. For more information call 215-295-2300 or visit salesmastercorp.com.