Salesmaster Now Offering Full Line of Material Handling Products to Increase Customer Efficiency

Material Handling

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ISC Salesmaster Corp., a supplier of packaging products and equipment, announced today that they are now offering a full line of material handling products to meet the requirements of customer packaging, shipping, and warehousing needs.

Partnerships with leading manufacturers including Rubbermaid, Wesco hand trucks and carts, Justrite Containment Systems and WYK Sorbent products, allow Salesmaster to offer the widest selection of top-quality material handling items.

“Material handling products are often integral to processes found in packaging, shipping, and warehousing,” says Tom Northrop, sales manager for Salesmaster. “Supplying products like these to our customers is another way Salesmaster can be a one-stop shop for shipping and packaging supplies,” he says.

Additionally, with knowledge across numerous industries, Salesmaster has helped clients save money and increase efficiency through packaging needs assessments, which help identify better processes, proper product selection, and streamlined delivery for their clients. “We have significant experience in a broad range of industries, including food distribution, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and warehousing and fulfillment,” says Northrop.

The ability to offer clients material handling equipment and products allows Salesmaster to apply that experience to their packaging needs assessment process, which helps clients reduce cost and increase efficiency in even more business critical applications.

“With the economy the way it is right now, I’ve found these savings and increased efficiencies have really helped my clients,” says Northrop. This process, he says, helps his clients consolidate suppliers and streamline both ordering and delivery. Salesmaster can also offer assessments and products to ensure safety and proper ergonomics.

Some of the new material handling products available for order include dock ramps, dollies, pallet jacks, ladders, carts, and shelving. “The products complement and accompany many of the items in our safety and janitorial product lines,” says Northrop.

Salesmaster offers a free catalog request form on their website, which features the entire line of products. The form also allows for customers to order Salesmaster’s 2011 Safety Product and 2011 Janitorial Product catalogs. In addition, Salesmaster’s experienced personnel can assist in selecting the appropriate items for your application whether you goal is to ‘go green’ or maximize efficiency.

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