Versatile, Easy-to-Use and Durable Mailers from Polyair and CPI

Ecolite Mailer

Ecolite Mailer

Salesmaster Corp. now supplies the Polyair line of durable, lightweight mailers to help you control and even reduce shipping costs. With the rapid growth in e-business, retail and fulfillment networks, you need cost effective ways to ship goods. Now Salesmaster has the smart solution to meet shipping needs in these areas. Each mailer is durable, lightweight and may be custom printed.

Five mailer styles and many sizes from small to large make Salesmaster your one-stop source for meeting all your mailer needs.

  • Tear-resistant Fastpak courier mailers — ideal for non-fragile items. Accommodates up to 19″ x 24″ flats.
  • XPak bubble mailers — combines puncture and tear resistance with a protective bubble cushion. Lightweight and protective enough for jewelry. Yet tough enough to ship circular saw blades!
  • Custom-printable Ecolite mailers — these bubble-lined packs are made from golden Kraft paper and may be printed with your custom labeling or advertising. Great for CDs, cosmetics, retail.
  • Ecolite White low shipping cost mailers — tough bubble lined white Kraft paper. Protective fins on three sides and high-slip lining for easy, fast insertion.
  • RidgiPak document mailers — rigid board construction protects CDs, documents, photos and other items you don’t want to bend.

Xpak bubble mailer

Standard and custom size mailers are available. Want to increase product security while decreasing shipping costs? Get data sheets on all five mailers. And call Salesmaster today for low pricing on not just mailer packs, but also for all of your other packaging needs.

Wait! There’s more! A lot more!

Salesmaster has made it even easier for you to meet your mailer pack needs by becoming your local and regional supplier of the popular CPI Packaging Poly Mailers and Value-Lite mailers. Now Salesmaster can deliver a huge variety of mailers that not only provide protection for your shippables, but also make shipping costs more practical and manageable.

Light and durable Salesmaster mailers come in standard and customized sizes in both bubble and foam. Special features include self-seal, heat seal and the handy perforated tear-strip opener.

  • Value-Lite® mailers — Laminated to gold Kraft paper lined with bubble or foam. Water resistant and durable.
  • Poly Mailer — Self-seal mailers are water, tear, and puncture resistant.  The silver inner lining enhances confidentiality and the white outer casing is ideal for high quality customizing.

Salesmaster mailers are available in a wide range of sizes. Don’t forget to ask about our customization capabilities. Your packaging needs is our job number one!

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