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Salesmaster Offers New 3M Water Based Adhesive

3M™ Fast Tack Provides Safe, Economical Water Based Adhesive Solutions

Salesmaster has introduced a new water based adhesive to their packaging materials product line, 3M™ Fast Tack water based adhesive 1000NF. The adhesive is an alterative to popular solvent based adhesives, and features many improvements and advantages over traditional water based adhesives.

Never before has there been a water based adhesive that can compare in bonding strength and performance to solvent based adhesives. This one spray adhesive is the first to contain zero VOCs*, ensuring better workplace safety.

3M™ Fast Tack water based adhesive 1000NF performs better than typical water based adhesives, with faster bonding times and stronger holds comparable to solvent adhesives. Contact your Salesmaster representative today to schedule a free 3 minute demonstration of 3M™ Fast Tack water based adhesive 1000NF at your facility.

New Safety Features

The new 3M water based adhesive available through Salesmaster has a bonding speed of only one-minute, in comparison to other water based adhesives which take approximately 5 minutes. This quicker bondage increases production, letting you get more done in less time.

Versatile Applications

The potential for one surface application increases production and profitability. 3M™ Fast Tack water based adhesive 1000NF is applicable on a variety of substrates, including wood, metal, and fabric. The water based adhesive tacks up quickly like solvent based adhesive, yet is repositionable during the wet state, providing a flexible and reworkable application process.

Contact your Salesmaster rep to schedule a free, 3 minute demo of 3M™ Fast Tack water based adhesive 1000NF at your facility.

*0% VOC is based on tests per EPA method 24