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Angleboard Products Provide the Perfect Edge to Protect your Products

Angleboard® Products Provide Protection and Stacking Strength with Effective Design

Angleboard‘s® simple right angle design provides its users benefits ranging from edge protection to interior reinforcement of packaging. The product is designed for efficient stacking and palletizing, and Salesmaster offers custom sizing and printing for your specific packing needs.

Angleboard® products offer a unique solution to you packaging challenges, providing protection to your products. Angleboard® is made from multiple plies of recycled paper, combined and laminated to form a resistant, strong right angle. The simple design effectively reduces product damage and creates more secure loads than other forms of packaging. ISC packaging Angleboard® is a cost effective solution for many packaging applications.

Salesmaster carries various sizes and configurations of Angleboard® designed to reduce product damage incurred during shipping, handling and storage. Salesmaster stocks multiple sizes and types of Angleboard® products, and offer stocking programs. Custom sizes and color printing are also available to meet your specific application or branding opportunity.

Angleboard® Benefits:


Increased uniformity and stability of palletized loads
Allow more products per pallet, reducing handling and shipping costs
Minimized product damage
Load unitization reduces pilferage

Stacking Strength

Vertically reinforced loads
Higher stacking increased warehouse space
Reduced product damage from crushing in stacking situations

Edge Protection

Product edges protected from strapping and rough handling
Facilitates higher applied tension for superior load stability
Reduced indentation caused by strapping

Display Packaging

Up to four color printing
Packaging can be created that’s ready for retail display

Available Angleboard® Products:

Strong protective edge protection made from multiple plies of recycled paper

Laminated, clean edge protection made from multiple plies of recycled paper encased in outer paper wrapping

Moisture resistant, high-strength corner post made from recycled plastic and paper

Waterproof, recyclable corner post made from 100% recycled content

Salesmaster Benefits:

Multiple sizes in stock
Custom sizes available
Stocking programs available

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